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6637 Cross Reference
Air Filter Study
Choosing an Aftermarket Exhaust
Common Acronyms
Mod Paths and Effects (See Post 18 by Strokin_it7.3)
New Truck Buyer Info
Oil Filter Study
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Maintenance Tips

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4X4 ESOF Hubs Not Engaging
4X4 ESOF Autolock Lube (guzzle)
AC Clutch Cycling
Air Bag - Code 27
Air Bag Lamp Fault Code 27
Antifreeze in Oil
ATF Change
Auto Door Lock Deactivation
Axle Lube Change - Front (guzzle)
Axle Lube Change - Rear (guzzle)
Ball Joints
Brake Caliper Lube - Front (guzzle)
Brake shoes and rear seal replacement
Clutch Fork Replacement
CPS Change
CPS Change (guzzle)
DipStick Oil Leak
Dipstick Tube Leak Repair (Fat Diesel)
Door Ajar Light Fix
Door Lock Fix (Aluminim Foil)
Drain Valve Fuel Leak
Exhaust Backpressure Tube Cleaning and Operation (guzzle)
Exhaust Backpressure Tube Cleaning and Operation
Fat's Brake Flush
Fluctuating Idle (Romp-Romp)
Fuel Filter Change (guzzle)
Fuel Filter Drain Valve Leak
Fuel Filter Drain Valve Leak Repair
Glowplug/GPR/Hard Start/White Smoke/WinterOperation
GPR replacement with Stancor 586-902
Heater Core Removal
HPOP - End Plug Oil Leak
HPOP - Leak Repair (SpringerPop)
HPOP "non-removable" plug repair
HPOP Replacement
Injector Replacement
Injector Replacement
IPR Orings
IPR Rebuild
No WTS Light - Blown Fuse - No Crank
Oil Cooler Repair
Oil Filter Bypass Valve Replacement
Oil/Oil Filter Replacement
Oil Pan Dipstick Flange Repair
Oil Pan Rust - Por-15
OverHead Console Repair
OverHead Console Repair
Power Steering Flush
Pryo Readings (Pre and Post Turbo)
Rear End Clunk
Red Coolant (Rotella ELC)
Rotor/pad (front) Replacement (guzzle)
Sluggish Power Window Fix
Starter (Heavy Duty)
Transfer Case 4x4 Fluid Change (guzzle)
Turbo Rebuild - Van Turbo
Under Valve Cover Harness Clips
Up-Pipe Replacement - Bellows (Pocket)
UVC Harness Check

Welcome to the Darkside of Powerstrokin
Mods for 7.3L Powerstrokes (Warning PMS is Contagious Read At Your Own Risk)

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6.0L Intercooler Swap
6637 - Under Hood Temps
6637 Filterminder Installation
Auto to Manual Hub conversion
Better GPR (Stancor 586-902)
Boost Tube Waistgate Mod
CCV (Clean IC Pipes)
Cookie's Homebrew High Idle
Coolant Bypass Filter DIY
DP-Tuner Instalation (Video)
Foglight Fix
Fuel Pressure Regulator Shimming
Gauge Installation
Fuel Pump - Addition of Helper/Lift
Fuel Pump - Replace factory with Walbro Fuel Pump/
Home Brew High Idle
Hutch Mod
Hutch Mod (guzzle based on Hutchinaugusta)
IC Pipe Foil Removal
IC Pipe Foil Removal
IC Pipe Foil Removal
IDM Mod - Joe Servo
Kwik Brake (EBPV as Exhaust Brake)
Kwik Door Chime Delete
Kwik Filter (NAPA 6637)
Kwik Pump (In Tank Fuel Pump)
Lights - Auxiliary Wiring
Manual Tranny Temp Sender Install
Mirror Upgrade
F250_ 6637 Dust Cover
Non Dimming Overhead Console
Non Dimming Overhead Console (SpingerPop Version)
Oil Bypass System
Pop Mod (6637 Dust Cover)
Pyrometer - Drilling the Manifold
Regulated Fuel Return
Regulated Fuel Return
Ryan Lights (Mirror Lights) Post #8
Side Mirrors with Lights and Heater
Sound Deadening for the Cab (post 21)
Upfiiter Switches in 7.3's
Valve Body Install - BTS
Wastegate Clip Removal
Wicked Wheel with Turbo Removal
Wicked Wheel without Turbo Removal Wheel Installation Guide.pdf